The Sounding Garden Gnome

Interactive sound installation

Material: Plaste garden gnome, iron track, suspension, CD player, computer (Comodor) Speaker, Amplifire
WRO, Wroclaw (Pl) 1993
From a vertical iron track, which is 6 meters long, a garden gnome measuring 1.5 meters and weighing 15 kg is hanging. By using a long metal rod it is possible to push the garden gnome along the iron track — either to the left or to the right. The suspension is connected to a computer-controlled CD player. The movements of the garden gnome are determining the rendering of the CD. If the garden gnome is pushed to the right, the CD is playing forward. If the garden gnome is pushed to the left, however, the CD is playing backwards. When the garden gnome is pushed slowly, the CD is also playing slowly (comparable to a „slow-motion“-mode); when it is pushed quickly along the rail, the CD is playing fast as in a „fast-forward“-mode. When the garden gnome is not being moved at all, the spot on the CD, which was last played, is repeated continuously until the computer switches the sound off after five minutes. The CD concerned is a unique CD, which has been solely created for this purpose; it contains a collection of Austrian yodelling.