Lights & Sounds

Lightbox with light diodes and electric interval control.

Transmission from the intervals to relays, which activate sound making devices, releasing sounds from various instruments (static loop).

 Eye & Ear Music Gallery + Goethe-Institut Toronto, July 1998, Blättern und Hüpfen KX_Kampnagel, Hamburg 1999, Gallery K & S Berlin, May 26 – July 3 1999, Akademie Schloss Solitude Oh Solitude, Stuttgart 1999, ZeppelinSound Art Festival Barcelona February 13. – 18. 2001, Singuhr – Hörgalerie in Parochial Berlin 2004.
The synaesthetic perception of the visual figurative forms of the object which says: LIGHTS AND SOUNDS BY TILMAN KUENTZEL including the intervals of lightening and the auditive impressions of the rhythms played by instruments creates a complete new meaning which appears to be individual especially as synaesthetic perception is individual.