Die interaktive Taschenlampe

Das Auge sucht - das Ohr findet

Kunsthaus Hamburg Hamburg 1988, AVE-Festival Arnheim (NL) 1991, Real/Hype
Design Galeria Wroclaw (Pl) 1996, ZeppelinSound Art Festival Barcelona 2001.

Instead of illuminating visible things in the room, with this torch the acoustic sphere can be captured and directly played back. The sound information is digitalized and saved on a chip. It is at any time retrievable by renewed pushing of a small black button – and by pressing the small red button the information can be replaced by a new seventeen seconds sound ‘incident’.
Operation: One has to take the torch into a hand and press down the small red button. Now, accompanied by the flashing of a light-emitting diode, sounds can be recorded for seventeen seconds. After the diode has gone out, one presses the black button and can listen to the recording. This action can be repeated as often as one likes.  1988

1/4 Die interaktive Taschenlampe 1988