Luleå Art Biennale LAB09 Luleå, Sweden

Risk your Skin Installation 2009

It is human to make a mistake. Or two…
Curated by Jan-Erik Lundström
June 17 – August 23 2009

A visitor puts his feet into an aquarium with Saugbarben-fishes (lat: Garra Rufa, also named as Psoriasis-Fishes or Kangal-Fishes).

This fishes are nibbling at human skins, so that the old surface peels off. The fishes like to eat the old skin. It is an Asian method of refreshing the skin, for to prevent skin diseases like Psoriasis. According to the theme “RISK – its human to make a mistake. Or two…” my proposal focus on the recovery after having done thinks one likes to regret and opens a positive perspective. On the other hand the visitor feels the risk the fishes could not stop eating the skin and the whole foot like the Piranhas would probably do.

1/4 Saugbarben eat visitors skin