Claster Plasy 1995

The Sound of Meredian Crossings

Site specific sound Installation involving sounds from short-wave radio broadcast
Material: short-wave radios, longstring antenna, parabolspeaker

Different wave ranges of two VHF-(very high frequency) receivers which are equipped with horizontal long-witre antennas This installation has been designed for a monastery in Plasy (Czech Republic). The nave of a former chapel -which had just been restored- was an ideal place to put up the long-wire antennas. Two small parabolic mirrors reflected the sounds they received through small loudspeakers on the front wall and on the back wall of the chapel. The installation was in operation for 24 hours. Because of the shifts in the wave ranges, the sound was constantly changing. The diffusely spreading sounds were inviting spectators to wander around in the chapel directly underneath the long-wire antennas which were installed -in the shape of the cross- in a height of 8 meters.

Center of Metamedia
Claster Plasy (Cz) 1995

Tilman Küntzel at Center of Metamedia Claster Plasy (Cz) 1995

Terry Fox

Terry Fox performing his long string installation during a concert in collaboration with Rolf Julius at HfBK-Hamburg/Averhofstrasse 1987
Foto + copyright (using Minox camera) by Tilman Küntzel 1987-2020

Terry Fox performing long string concert in collaboration Rolf Julius Hamburg 1987 Foto: Tilman Küntzel using Minox

Fallen Chandelier @ Pomezia Light Festival

21, 22, 23 September 2018

The audiovisual installation Fallen Chandelier is based on a sonification of a controlling system causing the flickering of forty light bulbs within a fallen chandelier. Twenty interconnected starters, similar those commonly found in fluorescent tubes, generate an irregular light rhythm. This occurs by means of bimetallic strips which are heated up in a tube and thus come in contact with one another in rapid sequence. This process is audible. Each starter generates its own rhythm, which has a different sound depending on the brand, make-up, and degree of wear of the starters. „I first listen to a lot of starters before I use them for an installation in the sense of composing.“

Fallen Chandelier @ Pomezia Light Festival (It.) Sept. 2018

Helga de la Motte-Haber zum 80sten

am 5. Oktober 2018 im Musikinstrumenten-Museum des Staatlichen Instituts für Musikforschung, Berlin.

Mit Heinz von Öoesch, Frieder Butzmann, Carol McGonnel, Matthias Osterwold, Dodo Schielein, Makiko Nishikaze, Anett Ecklebe, Tilman Küntzel, Elzbieta Sternlicht, Carol McGonnel, Hans-Peter Kuhn, Erwin Stache, André Werner.
Gastgeber: Ingrid Beirer, Thomas Ertel, Janina Klassen, Heinz von Loesch, Julia H. Schröder, Carsten Seiffarth.

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Ouhi Cha

wall pieces @ Galerie 149 Bremerhaven

aesthetics of error 14.1.- 3.2. 2017

Bürgermeister-Smidt-Strasse 149, 27568 Bremerhaven
Mi. – Sa. 15 – 18h

Nordseezeitung Do. 19. Jan. 2017 von Sebastian Loskant Kulturredaktion

Einladung zur Ausstellung

Vernissage 14. Jan. 18h
Bürgermeister-Smidt-Strasse 149
Mi. – Sa. 15 – 18h

Ink and indian ink on paper 80 cm x 120 cm 2012

Sonic Eye @ Kontakte

Festival für elektronische Musik & Klangkunst

Akademie der Künste
Hanseatenweg Berlin-Tiergarten
25. – 17. 9. 2015

mit Martin Riches und Volker Straebel