Die klingenden Kulturbeutel

parallel shifted Rhythms

Equipment: toilet bags, autoreverse walkman, loudspeakers, slowly rotating electric motors
Music: swiss folk music in loop, pedestal: tile on wood

Künstlerhaus Sunderweg Dortmund 1992, Art Hall Baden-Baden Baden-Baden 1992, AVE-Festival Arnheim (NL) 1991, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Jahresausstellung Hamburg 1990, Forum junger Kunst Kunsthalle Kiel 1990, Galeria Wschodnia Lodz (Pl.) 1990.
The intention of this work is to point out the ambiguity of the term „culture“. It is derived from the Latin word „cultura“, meaning „care for body and soul“ but is also implying agriculture; the term „colonia“ (16th century) is closely related to „cultura“ and means „estates, settlings“. In the domain of arts, „culture“ generally stands for culture as an intellectual culture. I used the so-called „culture bags“ to refer to the multiple meanings of the term „culture“.
On a platform there are two small pedestals with two electric motors. A green toilet bag („culture bag“) is placed on top of each pedestal. In each bag there is one loudspeaker and one walkman. An endless loop of a fragment of Swiss folk music is recorded on the tapes and can be heard through the loudspeakers. In allegory to the repetitive music, the motors are slowly and steadily turning the bags around their own axle. Since the walkmen are not synchronised, the combination of sounds is determined by the permanently changing phrases.

1/7 Klingende Kulturbeutel